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Need your article submitted to free article directories?

One of the untold secrets of website backlink creation is to create an original article, stick on your byline (which includes your website name and url address) and submit it to the free article directories all over the internet. What does this accomplish?

  • Your new content travels all over the internet, downloaded and picked up by webmasters looking for free content for use on their websites.
  • Most free directories only allow people to download free articles if the byline remains in tact. This is important as it will most likely contain your url domain name link back to your website
  • As webmasters use your free article, and post it online, two things happen
    • Visitors on their sites see your article and byline and may travel to your site via the other webmastes site
    • If the webmaster’s site has any viable google page rank, this page rank passes some onto your site. This is very inportant in terms of search term rankings on google.

What you just read is the formula for generating organic traffic to your site. No need for google adwords advertising, or to spend money on banner or textlink advertising. Create a few original articles, stick your url name in several places, and get it into these directories. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Our pricing and service for submitting your articles to these free directories is:

  • $15/per article (10% off for orders of 15 or more articles)
  • Turn around time up to 3 days
  • More cost effective then buying backlinks. These will propogate on their own!
  • Your article will be submitted to over 210 free article directories!

Please click the link below to contact us with your article submission needs. If you need this done as soon as possible, please attach your article to your email for quicker processing. Thank you!


If you prefer to search our library for your next website content purchase, please feel free to look around. Here you can browse by subject to see if we have what you need. You don’t just purchase resell or copyrights to these articles, you own them outright! Upon receipt of purchase, you become the copyright holder to your articles. Once purchased, your articles are removed from the library to ensure that what you purchased is truly a unique and fresh website article!

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